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...what do you expect...? [Jul. 16th, 2014|06:20 pm]

part 7. . . out of deception

He said I will never lie to you.

I believed him I did. I believed in parted lips and overdone nose touches, provoked by the thought of an accident. But then the goats died and it was never the same.

I will never lie to you he said. He said Lies are in my head, not on my tongue he said.

Hands were pushing ink into the shaking, soddy grass piles; rushing into leaves from a step too high.

Like it could break the fall.

I will never lie to you he said.

Out of all ordination. part sev'n is where he did.

Quoted from 'Come and Ink'

If you love me, you'll tell me, won't you?

==A O I==
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